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    Iqbal Hossain, P.E.

    Senior Water/Wastewater Engineering Project Manager

    RPS Klotz Associates

    United States
    Master's degree, Civil Engineering (Environmental)
    24 years, 0 months

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    Senior Water/Wastewater Engineering Project Manager

    RPS Klotz Associates
    June 2016
    To Present
    United States
    I was hired to lead the company's design team for the 400 MGD water treatment design-build project for the City of Houston. The entire project cost was estimated to be US $1.3 billions.

    Senior Engineer II/Project Manager

    AECOM/URS/BOYLE Engineering
    February 2008
    To February 2016
    United States
    I managed projects from planning to construction phases. I prepared project budget and schedule and assign tasks to younger engineers. I supervised younger engineers, construction inspectors and CADD technicians. I provided technical leadership on studies, design and construction of water/wastewater system projects, including site work, piping, structures, roadway, and buildings for equipment and operating staff. I helped clients during project bid phase and managed construction phase including shop drawing review, pay estimate review and approval, RFI reviews, change order negotiation, and operation assistance. Major projects with this employer are:

    1. Rotonda WWTP, Charlotte County, FL - Project Manager for this $18 million dollars construction project which was completed in July 2009. The main components of this project were: Fine Screens, Washers/Compactors, Grit Removal Facility, EQ tanks, Anoxic/Aerobic Tanks, MBR tanks, Chlorine Contact Tanks, ground storage tanks, sludge holding tanks, numerous pump stations, new operation building, piping, civil site grading, roadways, stormwater detention ponds, electrical and instrumentation and control.

    2. Cove Stormwater Pumping Station Impr., City of Naples, Florida - Technical Leader for design of a large stormwater pumping station improvement project. The project included: replacement of three diesel engine drive mixed flow pumps (25, 000 gpm each); installation of two mechanical bar screens; pump station building architectural and ventilation improvements; a stand-by power generator; lighting improvements; new instrumentation and control for pumps and bar screen; site work; landscaping and irrigation. Construction cost was $2.8 million.

    Project Manager/Lead Engineer

    Hibbs and Todd, Inc
    September 2009
    To May 2013
    United States
    I was hired by this employer to lead/manage civil engineering projects, especially water/wastewater system projects throughout Texas. Typically, a project starts with a concept followed by studies, design, and finally construction and start-up. I manage all phases of civil engineering projects. My specialty is to lead design (construction drawing preparation) and construction management of projects. I also coordinate and negotiate regulatory and funding agencies during project design and construction.

    I prepare project budget and schedule, develop project guidelines, and monitor project progress. I conduct QA/QC review of projects during design and constructability review before projects go to construction.

    During construction, I manage both engineering and construction staff. I conduct site visits, determine project progress, review and approve contractor's payment request. I lead negotiation with contractor for change orders and other construction disputes.

    Sr. Project Manager

    WilsonMiller, Inc
    June 2005
    To February 2008
    United States
    I managed day-to-day operation of WilsonMiller's Water/Wastewater Engineering Group. The group consisted of engineers, CAD technicians and other employees.
    I also managed design and construction of numerous water and wastewater projects from design through construction. I negotiated contracts with clients and contractors. As part of the project management, I monitored budget and work schedule, and supervised project team during the design and construction phases of all projects. Major project with this employer were:

    1. Utility Relocation at Daniels Pkwy. & I-75 Interchange, Lee County, Florida - Project Manager for relocation of the existing 30-inch water main and installation of a new 30-inch casing pipe under I-75 at Daniels Parkway for the Lee County Utilities, Inc. The Florida DOT was in the process of expanding I-75 at Daniels Parkway, which required the relocation of the existing utilities. First, an optimal pipe route was determined based cost and ease of construction. After the pipe route was selected, plans and profiles were prepared for a new 42-inch ductile iron pope crossing under I-75. Plan and profiles were also prepared for installation of a 30-inch casing pipe under I-75 for future wastewater forcemain connection. Estimated construction cost was approximately $ 3.5 million.

    2. Potable Water Mains for GPIWA, Lee County, Florida - Lead Engineer for design & construction of two sub-aqueous potable water mains (12- & 16-inch) for GPIWA. The first part of the project involved design and services during construction of approximately 600 linear feet of 12-inch water main under Sandy Hook Bridge using HDD technology. Both ends of the new pipe were connected to the existing pipe. The pipe material of the new pipe was HDPE. The second part of the project involved designing and providing design services during construction of a 16-inch HDPE pipe under Matlacha Pass using HDD technology. The construction cost for both phases was $1.2 million

    Sr. Principal Engineer

    Hazen and Sawyer, P.C.
    October 2003
    To March 2005
    United States
    I was Senior Principal Engineer for a project titled "300 MGD Croton Water Treatment Plant -Eastview Site, New York". I was Task Leader for final design of eight chemical feed systems including bulk storage tanks, and a 50 HP pump station. The project was fast track and final design was completed in one year. The chemical feed systems that were included in this project were: sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, aluminum sulfate/polyaluminum chloride, sodium hydroxide, cationic polymer, anionic polymer, hydrofluosilicic acid, and sodium hypochlorite. I supervised 2 to 3 engineers and 2 CADD technicians.

    Sr. Project Engineer

    Malcolm Pirnie
    December 2000
    To October 2003
    United States
    I was a Project Engineer for two large project for the New York City DEP. One of the project was titled "Reconstruction of Delaware Aqueduct Shafts 9, 10, and 17, New York City Department of Environmental Protection". My responsibilities included detailed design of replacing all sluice gates and operators in shafts; adding of sodium bisulfite feed facilities at Shafts 9 and 17; adding caustic and alum facilities at Shaft 17; installing gaseous chlorination facilities at Shaft 10; replacing all dewatering and sump pumps; adding chlorine gas scrubber at Shaft 10; constructing a water quality station in each shaft; and renovating house water system at each shaft. I managed 4 to 5 younger engineers and 2 to 3 CAD technicians. The construction costs was estimated to be $10 million.

    The second project was titled " Process Performance and Odor Minimization at North River WPCP, New York City DEP". I was project engineer for improvements to the 170-MGD North River WPCP. Project consisted of: addition of process blower, modifications to the secondary bypass system, rehabilitation of the North and South odor control systems, modifications of the digester overflow boxes and gas holder ventilation system, additions of new odor control scrubbers and carbon adsorbers to both North and South odor control facilities, modifications to the thickener room and final setting tanks ventilation, and other miscellaneous improvements.

    Design Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Manager

    Freese and Nichols, Inc.
    September 1992
    To December 2000
    United States
    I started as Design Engineer and left the company as Project Manager. I worked eight and an half years on many projects involving planning, studies, design and construction services of water/wastewater treatment plants, pipelines & pumping stations. In the early years of my career, I worked with Licensed Engineers & designed water/wastewater treatment facilities, wrote preliminary and final design reports, prepared technical specifications, & estimated construction costs. I also have done numerous studies evaluating both conventional & advanced water and wastewater treatment processes, such as ion exchange, ozonation, membranes, RO, SBRs etc. to implement Federal Safe Drinking Water & Water Pollution Control Acts.

    After being Licensed Engineer in '98, I started managing projects from design through construction. I managed projects with construction costs ranged from $1.4 to 15 million. Major project with this employer are:

    1. Wastewater Treatment Facility, City of Vernon, TX - Project Manager for the 1.7-mgd plant's ultraviolet disinfection system, two effluent sand filters, modifications to the grit processing facility, piping, site work, an effluent metering box with V-notch weir and instrumentation and control. Wrote specifications and prepared construction documents and cost estimate. Assisted owner in advertising the project and selecting the successful bidder. Performed construction administration. Construction cost was $1.2 million.

    2. Lake Ray Roberts WTP Design/ Ozonation Facility, City of Denton, Texas - Lead Engineer for preliminary & final design of a 20-MGD conventional surface water treatment plant w/ pre- and intermediate ozonation process. Construction cost was $15 million.

    Extra years of experience not listed above:  None  


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    Master's degree, Civil Engineering (Environmental)

    at The University of Texas at Arlington
    Arlington, United States
    Grade: 3.55
    December 1992

    Bachelor's degree, Civil Engineering

    at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Grade: 3.00
    August 1988

    Specialties & Skills

    MS Suites, Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint






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    American Water Works Association
    September 1992
    Water Environment Federation (WEF)
    September 1992